Hueman Theme Review – Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023?

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Hueman Theme Review – Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023?

Hueman Theme for WordPress

Kyle Mann

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | customizr review page


Hueman is a respectable theme but ultimately pales compared to newer WordPress themes available today. Hueman Pro is a tad outdated and weighs a whopping 13 MB, which is much higher than other alternatives that offer more customization and control.


Looking for an honest Hueman theme review?

Before pulling the trigger on Hueman Pro, you'll want to read this WordPress Hueman theme review. Find out if Hueman is any good in 2022 and if it's right for you!

This is a comprehensive look at the free Hueman theme and Hueman Pro theme. Below, you'll find every inch of Hueman explored and how the Pro version stacks up to the competition. Let's get started.

Expand Upfront Bottom Line

Hueman is a respectable theme but ultimately pales compared to GeneratePress (the theme I am using). If you purchase a premium WordPress theme, Hueman would be a complete waste of money. Hueman Pro is a tad outdated and weighs a whopping 13 MB, while GP Premium weighs less than 2 MB.

While the lifetime Hueman license is an excellent value for web designers, you'll be churning out nearly identical client websites. GP Premium, on the other hand, is faster but much more versatile in design with far more control.

GeneratePress Premium also has a site library to help accelerate any WordPress project. I highly recommend checking it out.

What is Hueman?

Hueman is a WordPress theme developed by, creators of the Nimble Pro page builder plugin for WordPress.

Hueman theme for WordPress reviews
hueman theme

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Hueman WordPress theme has over 600 5-star reviews, an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars, and over 50,000 active WordPress installations.

Intriguingly, I investigated further to determine if Hueman was an option worth considering in 2022. This is my Hueman WordPress theme review.

Hueman Theme Pricing

Hueman Pro$49Unlimited1 Year
Hueman Pro – Lifetime$99UnlimitedLifetime

Hueman theme Review – Free

First Impressions

The free version of Hueman is on par with most free WordPress themes found in the repository. Its default 3-sidebar design is quite striking.

Hueman theme for WordPress first impressions
hueman theme

While not a huge deal, like Customizr, the sheer amount of italics used in the customizer menu always throws me off. While I do appreciate the information, I think it could have been done differently. Again, not a big deal, but somewhat bothersome.

Web Page Design

Here, you'll find a number of familiar theme options, including the ability to:

  • Display the site title
  • Set your site title
  • Set your tagline
  • Wrap the title or tagline in H1 tags
  • Display a logo in the header
  • Display a site icon
  • Choose from 20+ fonts
  • Select the default font size
  • Set the website max-width
  • Use a boxed layout
  • Choose sidebar padding (20px or 30px)
  • Choose a primary and secondary color
  • Choose sitewide background-color
  • Set a background image
  • Underline links in content
  • Open external links in new tab
  • Create and set social links

Front Page Content


Here, you can set your home page to a list of your latest blog posts or to a custom page of your choosing. The free version of Hueman also allows you to choose from a number of different sidebar options, including:

  • No sidebar – full width
  • 2 columns – content left
  • 2 columns – content right
  • 3 columns – content middle
  • 3 columns – content left
  • 3 columns – content right

You can tell Hueman draws its strength from the ability to choose from many different sidebar configurations. If for some bizarre reason, you want 3 columns with your main content on the right, this is your theme!

Blog Heading

Here you can select a blog heading, a blog sub-heading, and a category filter for your latest blog posts (the post grid displayed on your home page).

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman blog heading
hueman theme

Post List Design

As for actually customizing the post grid, you're given a few options to choose from, such as:

  • Displaying the post grid as a standard list (1 column instead of 2 columns)
  • Displaying the full content of posts
  • Displaying the post thumbnail (featured image)
  • Displaying featured images in original dimensions

Other than that, there isn't much else as far as design and aesthetics are concerned.

Post Summary

You'll find only one option in this section, which is the ability to change the post grid excerpt length – a much welcomed and convenient option.

In this section, you'll find options related to featured posts, including the ability to:

  • Add a featured post to the top of your post grid
  • Set a category to be featured
  • Display the full content of the featured post
  • Set the featured post count
  • Animate your featured posts with a slideshow
  • Set the slideshow speed
  • Include the featured post in the post grid

Header Design

There are several header options to choose from inside this menu. Despite being less robust than Astra's header builder, the options available still allow for flexible header styling. In this section, you can:

  • Create a sticky menu (no logo)
  • Set the topbar background-color
  • Set the header background-color
  • Set the header menu background-color
  • Set the mobile menu background-color
  • Apply a semi-transparent filter to the top bar and mobile menu on scroll
  • Display a widget in your header
  • Set a header banner image
  • Fill the banner to 100% of the header width
  • Use original banner height
  • Link the banner image to the home page
  • Use a default menu in the topbar
  • Display a search field in the top or main header
  • Set separate desktop and mobile menu visibility on scroll options
  • Expand mobile sub-menus on click

Overall, I'd say there are enough options to satisfy most people.

Main Body Design

In the Main Body Design options window, you'll find a plethora of customizable features, including the option to:

  • Hide or display sidebar top boxes
  • Set primary and secondary sidebar titles
  • Set post navigation to left, right, or bottom.
  • Set sidebar background colors
  • Make sidebars sticky on scroll (desktop and/or mobile)
  • Control mobile sidebar content
  • Control which sidebar is displayed first on mobile
  • Display featured images for pages
  • Display featured images for posts
  • Display author bio
  • Sort related posts by tags, categories, or none
  • Display or hide author and date meta
  • Display or hide post tags after content
  • Display featured image placeholders if none are set
  • Add comment count to featured image thumbnails
  • Turn comments for pages and posts on or off

Upon browsing through the menus, you'll start to notice that many of the options around here are also available in other places. Surely this is for your convenience, and I think it's pretty useful, but a search bar at the top would be better.

Customizing the footer in Hueman is pretty straightforward. In this section, you'll find many standard options such as:

  • 1 Footer background-color
  • Optional full-width widget area
  • Setting columns (1,2,3,4)
  • Add default menu to footer
  • Upload custom logo image
  • Replace footer copyright text
  • Optional social links in footer

I'd say Hueman's footer offers just about everything you need. It's very easy intuitive and easy to figure out. Not bad at all for a free theme.

Here are the typical WordPress settings for menu location – nothing interesting or unusual in this menu section.

Dynamic Sidebars And Widgets

In the widgets menu, you'll find all of your widget areas, including:

  • Primary sidebar
  • Secondary sidebar
  • Footer area one
  • Footer area two
  • Footer area three
  • Footer area four

This is pretty standard across the industry. Nothing noteworthy here.

Advanced Options

In this section, you'll find many interesting options to play around with, such as:

  • Additional CSS
  • Enable responsive mode for mobile
  • Responsible headline (fills width of parent)
  • Incude images in search results
  • Use minified stylesheet
  • Use structured data markup
  • Load images on scroll (lazy-load)
  • Mobile phone detection
  • Defer javascript
  • Defer loading Font Awesome icons

Although convenient, the performance options can be a bit redundant, considering that most people will be using a caching/performance plugin.

Thoughts on Hueman Free

For a free theme, Hueman has a plethora of customizable options to choose from. Its striking 3-column design is very flexible and capable of neatly displaying a wide array of content.

Hueman Theme Review – Pro

Now, let's take a look at Hueman's premium features, according to their website.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | customizr font customizer
This is a great tool for customizing your font elements, but the free version of Astra has all of the Google fonts built-in as well.
Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme feature builder
hueman theme

Hueman theme provides a responsive carousel feature that can be enabled with a single click. Hueman deserves a few points for this one.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme background headings
hueman theme

Again, I applaud Hueman for yet another handy feature. This turns your posts' headers into full-width background images with parallax scrolling – a truly awesome effect.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme post grid
hueman theme

Hueman Pro allows you to enable infinite scrolling, select the number of post grid columns and choose from three pre-made post grid styles — masonry, standard, and classic.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme infinite scroll
hueman theme

Infinite scrolling is not used by many websites for several reasons. Starting with the most obvious disadvantage, it isn't SEO-friendly since crawlers won't see anything that is loaded this way. In addition, infinite scrolling prevents your footer from being displayed, which forces your readers to chase it endlessly.  

Fortunately, Hueman provides a handy option to enable a “load more” button and can be easily turned on and off, depending on users' preferences.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme better related posts
hueman theme

This is a nice touch with flexible control for displaying related posts.

Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | hueman theme pro features
hueman theme

Advanced customizer: This allows you to set different layouts and widget zones for specific posts/pages. Slightly misleading.

Custom scripts: Meh. A simple way to add headers and footers without another plugin.

Share bar in posts: This is pretty handy and looks good too.

Shortcodes: Install the Hueman theme addons plugin for an array of handy shortcodes to style your posts with.

Free support and updates: From what I can tell, the support isn't half-bad.

Comprehensive documentation: At this point, the documentation is a tad old but clear enough for most queries.

Thoughts on Hueman Pro

To be honest, Hueman Pro isn't worth the whopping 13 MB it adds. The addons plugin adds another 2 MB, for a combined total of 15 MB. This is huge! For reference, GeneratePress (the theme I am using) is only 1 MB, the Premium plugin is 1 MB, and the GenerateBlocks plugin is only 500 KB.

Hueman Pros

This WordPress Hueman theme review wouldn't be complete without a pros and cons list.

Free Version Pros

  • Responsive, modern-looking theme
  • Stylized post grid layout
  • Box or full-width website layout options
  • Several different sidebar options
  • 4 footer widget areas
  • Several built-in performance options
  • Sticky column options

Pro Version Pros

  • Responsive one-click homepage slider
  • Convenient Font Customizer module
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Header and footer scripts
  • Full-width post headers

Hueman Cons

Free Version Cons

  • Not many color options

Pro Version Cons

  • No additional theme color options
  • Not many additional options to choose from
  • Increased theme weight (more than double)

Reasons for Pro

Who Is It For?

In my opinion, this theme is suited more for designers who build websites for clients. Why? It has an incredible licensing program. If you purchase the Lifetime Pro version, you can use it on unlimited websites and provide lifetime updates and support for your clients. This is an incredibly affordable price compared to other modern WordPress themes.

Is It Worth It?

In my humble opinion, no. Moreover, most paid themes don't add that much value either. In exchange for adding site drag to every page on your website, premium themes come with increased convenience. 

Many premium WordPress themes come with features achievable through lightweight plugins or CSS. In Hueman's case, the full-width post header and flexible columns may be the saving grace.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a premium WordPress theme with three columns, a full-width responsible slider, and a full-width post header with parallax, Hueman just might be your theme. For designers, the Lifetime license is a great deal, not often seen.

Hueman Questions & Answers

How to create Hueman child theme?

According to their documentation, you'll need to use a plugin.

Where does the favicon go in Hueman theme?

From the customizer menu, navigate to Header Design > Site Identity > Site Logo. You'll see the option at the very bottom.

Hueman Theme Alternatives


GeneratePress theme homepage
GeneratePress theme

I have seen some great WordPress themes, but GeneratePress (the theme I am using) is one of the best. The premium version gives you access to their extensive site library, allowing you to easily deploy multiple types of website templates. Additionally, due to the plugin's GenerateBlocks foundation, it is very lightweight and fast. It puts bloated themes and old page builders like Elementor to shame!


Hueman Theme Review - Just How Good Is Hueman in 2023? | astra wordpress theme
hueman theme

Astra is another good alternative to Hueman. This free version is lightweight and comes with an excellent header and footer builder. Additionally, you can also import templates from their template library, which is fantastic, especially since it is free!


With constant updates and excellent support, Hueman is a reputable WordPress theme. The free version has enough control and flexibility to satisfy most beginner bloggers. Hueman Pro makes it easy to create websites on the fly for all types of clients. The downside is Hueman's heavy size and ultimately falls short of the recent competition.

If you like my WordPress Hueman theme review or have any questions about the Hueman Pro theme, let me know in the comments to add them to the Q&A. 

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