What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas

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What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas

Are you sitting around, wondering what to blog about?

Let's face it. You're here because you need ideas! Whether you're a new blogger trying to discover successful blog post ideas or on the prowl for the most profitable blog niches and tantalizing topics, this ultimate guide has the answers you seek.

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Find Your Blog Niche

For many, choosing a blog niche is an easy decision and a mind-boggling nightmare for others. Considering that you're reading this article right now, I'm guessing you're in the latter.

Fortunately for you, I've got a few tricks up my sleeves to help you discover the perfect niche just for you. If that doesn't work, there's a massive list of blog niche ideas for you to browse and a wealth of inspiration to extract from every corner of the internet.

Already have a blog or niche in mind? If you already have a blog, but suffering from blogger's block and a lack of inspiration, jump ahead for the cure.

Choosing a Blog Niche

If you haven't yet started a blog, and you're trying to figure out what to write about, I recommend choosing a niche to focus on. Here are 11 different considerations for you to think about.

1. Write About Your Passion

The first step towards finding your ideal blog niche is to write about something you love. This will be your foundation and the source of all your future posts.

If you don't know what you love, then start with yourself. What do you like doing? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy talking about? What interests you? The more specific you can get, the better.

2. Consider Your Favorite Blogs

In addition to writing about what you love, another great way to find your niche is by looking at other blogs. Read them. Study their blog content. Learn from their mistakes and successes.

In addition, look at how they present themselves online. Do they use images? Videos? Infographics? Are they using social media? How often do they update? What kind of comments do they receive? All these questions and more will give you insight into what works and doesn't.

Once you've got some good ideas going, take advantage of popular categories. These include lifestyle, business, fashion, food, health, parenting, etc. Although not every category has a large audience, most have enough to be worthwhile.

4. Consider Your Competition

When selecting a niche, competition and market saturation are factors to keep in mind. However, competition isn't everything. Many bloggers find success in oversaturated niches by differentiating themselves in unique ways. Try to figure out how you can be different. What's your tactical advantage?

5. Think Outside the Box

Don't limit yourself to only focusing on one topic. Instead, think outside the box when brainstorming your blog ideas. If you feel stuck, try thinking of different ways to approach each subject. 

6. Fill a Market Gap

One of the best ways to find a blog niche is by filling a market gap. It could be a problem that people struggle with, a product that lacks quality, or a service that's lacking.

7. Make Sure It’s Profitable

A common mistake is to select a niche based solely on interest. While interest is important, ensuring the niche is also viable is equally critical. Use Google Trends to check a subject's popularity over time.

8. Focus on Solutions

Are you a problem solver? Choose a niche like mathematics, geometry, programming, etc. Dig into the community and find out what major problems need answers and solutions. 

9. Build & Expand a Topic

It may seem obvious, but having a solid base is crucial. Choosing a niche that you can build upon is essential. If you want to create an e-commerce store, choose a niche that has a lot of products to write about.

10. Be a Leading Learner

Many people believe they must be experts in a certain area to create a successful blogging site around the subject. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean you should write about things you know nothing about.

Instead, start out by teaching something new that you’re interested in. In doing so, you’ll find that you’re able to connect better with your audience, and, thus, build a stronger relationship between you and them.

Another profitable idea is to choose a blog niche that is currently trending. You can write about hot subjects trending on different social media platforms.

Go Niche-less!

If choosing a niche is too complicated and overwhelming for you, consider creating a “general” blog instead, a blog without a specific area of focus.

In contrast, a niche blogger focuses on a particular niche, whereas a general blogger writes about a wide range of topics to attract as many readers as possible.

Niche vs. General Blogging

Before you settle on a niche and begin writing, it's worth considering the pros and cons of general vs niche blogging. After all, depending on your goals, general blogging might be more up your alley.

Niche Blogging

More engagement
Higher conversion rates
Easier to attain followers
More repeat visitors
Easier affiliate marketing
SEO benefits
Content limited
Smaller audience
Less ad revenue potential
Higher blog burnout

General Blogging

Broader audience
More ad revenue potential
Easier to choose a topic
Less burnout
Zero niche authority
Less SEO benefits
Difficult to brand

In a nutshell, niche blogging offers the potential to become an authority leader on your chosen topic, but you're much more restricted in the blog content you can write;. In contrast, general blogging offers more freedom, and it's typically harder to build a brand and social following.

You can always do both if you can't decide between niche or general blogging. If you get burnt out writing topics for your niche blog, take a break and write something more exciting for your general blog.

Whether you're a new blogger or still toying around with the idea of starting a blog, here are some of today's most popular blogging niches, each with dozens of topics to help you brainstorm content ideas.

82 Travel Blog Niche Ideas

Haunted Tourism | Ancestry Tourism | Travel Tips/Hacks | Iceland | Cruise and Trailers | Group Travels | Space Tourism | Volunteer Travel | Destination Weddings | Airlines | Best Restaurants and Hostels | Jungle Tourism | Cultural Tourism | Adventure Travel | Spiritual Travels | City Guides for Travelers | Cultural Differences | Underwater Tourism | Hotels | Hostels | and Motels | Family Travels | Home Exchange | Astronomy Tourism | Scenic Train Travel | Culinary Tourism | Extreme Sports Tourism | Shark Tourism | Weekend Tourism | Hiking | Roadtripping | Shopping Tourism | Rural and Village Tourism | Greece | Cuba | RV Life | Backpacking | Camping | Inner City Tourism | Kayaking | Adventure Holidays | Jungle Tourism | Disney Tours | Tolkien Tourism | Best Places to Visit per Country | Bleisure Travels | Religious Pilgrimages | Bucketlist Trips | Bookstores & Literary Tourism | Nightlife and Party Tourism | Restaurant Reviews | Life on the Road | Group Travels | Travel Backpacks | Film & TV Tourism | Camping Gear | Voluntourism | Urban Hiking | Ghetto Tourism | Airbnb | Nature and Wildlife Tourism | Solo Traveling | Travel Deals | Travel Budgeting | Roadtripping | Life on the Road | Wellness Tourism | Genealogy Tourism | Being a Working Nomad | Sports Tourism | Travel Products Recommendations | Archaeology & History Tourism | Hawaii | Wellness Travel | Italy | Costa Rica | Traveling for Work | Highpointing | Off-The-Grid Travel | Resorts | Holiday Travels | Travel With Family | Survivalist | Japan

38 Business Blog Niche Ideas

Amazon Businesses | Business Automation | Consulting | Business Ideas for Kids | Business Ideas for Millennials | Email Marketing | Crowdfunding | Dog Training | Dropshipping | eBay Selling | Ecommerce Growth Strategies | Food-Based Business | Gig Economy | Home Business | General Marketing | Jewelry Ecommerce Business | Kindle Direct Publishing | Landing Page Optimization | Lead Generation | List Building | Local SEO | Offline Tutoring | Online Courses | Outsourcing | Print-On-Demand | Productivity Hacks | Product Sourcing | Training & Education | Real Estate Investing | Side Hustle Ideas | Small Business Ideas | Social Media Optimization for Small Businesses | the Future of Work | Upskilling | Freelancing | Video Creation | Video Marketing | Fulfillment Guides

24 Educational Niche Ideas

Chemistry | Geography | Sports science | Aerospace | Railway studies | Psychology | Archaeology | Physics | Literature | Research | Neuroscience | Linguistics | Mathematics | Mycology | Botany | Biology | Story writing | Medical science | Microbiology | Philosophy | Sociology | Astronomy | Social studies | History

93 Health & Fitness Blog Niche Ideas

Detoxing | Adolescence Health | Massage Therapy | Self-Acceptance | Allergies | Kosher | Bulimia | Dietary Supplements | Yoga | Diabetes | Self-Care | Aromatherapy | Smoking Help | Aging and Longevity | Spiritual Healing | Herbal Medicine | Diets | Handling Depression | Miscarriage | Anger | Living Intentionally | Weight Watchers | Senior Health | Post-traumatic Stress Disorder | ADHD | Holistic Health | Acne | Fatigue | Teeth Whitening | Anxiety | Minimalism | Wellness Coaching | Overcoming Addiction | Cholesterol | Mind Diet | Heartburn | Insomnia | Skincare | Juice Fasting | Stress Relief | Fat Loss | Physical Health | Death, Pain, and Loss | Sleep Apnea | Obesity | Personality Disorder | Sleep | Menopause | Binge Eating | Mental Health | Meditation | Fitness Supplements | Combat Sports | Fitness Apps | Fitness Products | Workspace Wellness | Fitness Exercises | Weight Lifting | Fitness News | Lifestyle and Wellness | Women Fitness | Home Fitness | Fitness Equipment | Best of Fitness Blog | Bodybuilding | Fitness Competitions | Fitness Nutrition and Dieting | Fitness Resources | Athletic Performance | Strength and Conditioning | Pregnancy Fitness | Sleep Quality | Running | Crossfit | Fitness Gadgets | Aerobics | Senior Fitness | Functional Fitness | Muscle Building | Injury Prevention | Recovery | Gym Motivation | Fitness Challenges | Cycling | DIY Fitness | Postpartum Fitness | Working Mom Fitness | College Fitness | Detox Diet | Nootropics | Weightloss with Juices | Paleo Diet | Kombucha

100 Technology Blog Niche Ideas

Manufacturing | CSS Tutorials | Laser Printers | Android Hacks | Video Games | Android Apps | Game Consoles | Online Programming | Amazon Web Services | Alarm Clocks | Webcams | Drones | Computers | Livestreaming Hacks | Coding | Virtual Reality | Smart Glasses | Augmented Reality | CRM | Ios | Cloud Computing | Coding Made Easy | Best Gaming Laptops | Robotics | Data Intelligence | Cryptocurrency | Software Alternatives | Coding for Kids | Samsung | Microsoft Office Tutorials | PHP | Internet of Things | Coding for Women | WordPress Development | Livestreaming Software | Advanced Analytics | 3D Printers | C++ Tutorials | Smart Tvs and Speakers | Atms | Machine Learning | CSS | Linux | Ereaders | Powerbanks Reviews | Tech Gadgets | Remote Access | Wearable Tech | Powerpoint Tutorials | Tech Review | News Tech | Uninstalling Apps | Mobile Apps Development | Java Tutorials | Integrated Marketing | Techno | Google Sheets | Best Android Phones | Google Analytics Training | Alternative Tech | Air Purifiers | Edtech | Smart Homes | Excel | Python | Mac | Artificial Intelligence | Software Development | Cybersecurity | Canceling Software Subscriptions | Recording Video Tutorials | Business Automation | Advertising | Software Engineering | AR Products | Tech Industry News | Software Integrations | Google | Smartwatches | Data Science | Spyware | Video Editing Hardware | Deleting Accounts | Video Recording Tools | Ethical Hacking | Credit Card Processing | Adtech | iPhone News | iPhone Apps | VPNs | Manufacturing Plans | Ethernet Cables | Windows | AI Writing and Copywriting | Coding Languages | Tech Conferences | Health Tech | Home Automation | Cydia | Smartphones

257 Other Hobby Blog Ideas

Skipping Rope | Proofreading and Editing | Kung FU | Music | Cardistry | Crocheting | Sudoku | Bowling | Social Media | Nail Art | Feng Shui Decorating | Manga | Diving | Fashion | Tarot | Yo-Yoing | Word Searches | Yoga | Giving Advice | Experimenting | Butchering | Modeling | Gingerbread House Making | Beer Tasting | Witchcraft | Photography | Macrame | Magic | Hairstyle | Community Activism | Lock Picking | Fishfarming | Acroyoga | Baton Twirling | Wine Tasting | Bonsai | Chatting | Communication | Robot Combat | Cleaning | Hydroponics | Philately | Practical Jokes | Electronic Games | Embroidery | Stamp Collecting | Decorative Birds | Pipes | Weight Training | Origami | 3D Printing | Scuba Diving | Aquascaping | Cooking | Foreign Language Learning | Car Spotting | Conlanging | Cue Sports | Thrifting | Speedrunning | Webtooning | Homebrewing | Welding | Whittling | Sculpting | Collecting | Leather Crafting | Massaging | Entertaining | Barbershop Music | Genealogy | Homing Pigeons | Pen Spinning | Model Building | Wikipedia Editing | Beatboxing | Poi | Taekwondo | Judo | Everyday Carry | Baking | Djembe | Refinishing | Fly Tying | Machining | Card Games | Watch Making | Pyrography | Quizzes | Winemaking | Couponing | Pet Sitting | Drama | Knitting | Upcycling | Planning | Soapmaking | Creative Writing | Writing | Karaoke | Graphic Design | Digital Arts | Performance | vr Gaming | Cross-Stitch | Editing | Weaving | Board/Tabletop Games | Shitposting | Anime | Astronomy | Ice Skating | Glassblowing | Engraving | Public Speaking | Karate | Miniature Art | Journaling | Memory Training | Fishkeeping | Gardening | Stretching | Taxidermy | Pottery | Distro Hopping | Watching Television | Cheesemaking | Gunsmithing | Pilates | Flower Arranging | Fashion Design | Storytelling | Reiki | Worldbuilding | Blacksmith | Telling Jokes | Shoemaking | Pressed Flower Craft | Bullet Journaling | Wikipedia Racing/Wikiracing | Hacking | Juggling | Inventing | Candle Making | Reading | Recipe Creation | Kombucha Brewing | Video Editing | Tabletop Games | Kendama | Piracy | Quilling | Mechanics | Fingerpainting | Puppetry | Stripping | Coffee Roasting | Radio-Controlled Model Playing | Pole Dancing | Do It Yourself | Computer Programming | Animation | Car Fixing & Building | Spreadsheets | Construction | Watching Movies | Role-Playing Games | Proverbs | Slot Car | Houseplant Care | Writing Music | Meditation | Diorama | Watching Documentaries | Knife Making | Gongfu Tea | Hardware | Playing Musical Instruments | Drawing | Home Improvement | Filmmaking | Puzzles | Waxing | Electronic Games | Book Restoration | Dance | Lace Making | Crossword Puzzles | Listening to Podcasts | Decorating | Poetry | Cryptography | Astrology | Livestreaming | Building | Postcrossing | Furniture Building | String Figures | Knot Tying | Video Game Developing | Rubik’s Cube | Bell Ringing | Jigsaw Puzzles | Amateur Radio | Makeup | Cosplaying | Rail Transport Modeling | Book Discussion Clubs | Fantasy Sports | Reviewing Gadgets | Woodworking | Craft | Confectionery | Chess | Zumba | Hula Hooping | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Plastic Art | Video Making | Model Engineering | Mazes | Art | Blogging | Video Gaming | Lapidary | Sewing | Dining | Djing | Rapping | Electronics | Scrapbooking | Binge Watching | Stand-up Comedy | Jewelry Making | Herp Keeping | Minimalism | Candy Making | Clothesmaking | Bartending | Wargaming | Acting | Tattooing | Basket Weaving | Breadmaking | Singing | Talking | Lego Building | Metalworking | Wax Sealing | Needlepoint | Quilting | Coloring | Wood Carving | Ceramics | Tapestry | Sketching | Painting | Listening to Music | Calligraphy

167 Bonus Outdoor Blog Ideas

Magnet Fishing | Basketball | Running | Paintball | Meteorology | Rock Climbing | Hooping | Kayaking | Skimboarding | Geocaching | Tourism | Handball | Carrier Pigeons | Road Biking | Groundhopping | Slacklining | Sun Bathing | City Trip | Orienteering | Rappelling | Survivalism | Sailing | Astronomy | Stone Skipping | Airsoft | Bodybuilding | Picnicking | Flower Growing | Shopping | Swimming | Automobilism | Hunting | Inline Skating | Trade Fair Visiting | Volunteering | Pickleball | Roller Skating | Noodling | Soccer | Shuffleboard | Ghost Hunting | Water Sports | Safari | Backpacking | Motorcycling | Hobby Tunneling | Dodgeball | Badminton | Surfing | Renaissance Fair | High-Power Rocketry | Baseball | Vegetable Farming | Radio-Controlled Model Playing | Skiing | Dog Training | Mountain Biking | Dairy Farming | Vacation | Climbing | Railway Modelling | Storm Chasing | Snowboarding | Lomography | Metal Detecting | Netball | Canyoning | Thru-Hiking | Letterboxing | Walking | Car Tuning | Snorkeling | Canoeing | Driving | Fossicking | Scouting | Base Jumping | Car Riding | Lacrosse | Podcast Hosting | Table Tennis Playing | Dog Walking | Air Sports | Scuba Diving | Topiary | Zoo Visiting | Gymnastics | Farming | Renovating | Beekeeping | Railway Journeys | Fruit Picking | Herping | Flying | Mountaineering | Rock Painting | Museum Visiting | Beachcombing | Sculling or Rowing | Gold Prospecting | Auto Detailing | Snowmobiling | Amateur Geology | Dandyism | Paragliding | Blacksmithing | Amusement Park Visiting | Hobby Horsing | Darts | Nordic Skating | Herbalism | Vehicle Restoration | Croquet | Rugby | Mushroom Hunting/Mycology | Travel | Jogging | Unicycling | Qigong | Bus Riding | Powerlifting | Rafting | Horseback Riding | Motor Sports | Dowsing | Flag Football | Board Sports | Urban Exploration | Longboarding | Foraging | Tennis | Polo | Volleyball | Snowshoeing | Sand Art | Skateboarding | Roundnet | Karting | Martial Arts | Videography | Camping | Hiking | Bmx | Parkour | Cycling | Shooting | Fishing | Gardening | Graffiti | Flying Model Planes | Kitesurfing | Flying Disc | Caving | Birdwatching | Public Transport Riding | Guerrilla Gardening | Tai Chi | Composting | Taekwondo | Jumping Rope | Kite Flying | Skydiving | Freestyle Football | Larping | Archery | Photography | Sledding

Explore Article Styles

Although people love personal anecdotes and stories, there are many different types and styles of articles to choose from. You aren't limited to a specific kind, so if you're unsure what to blog about, it might help to first consider the style of article you want to write. Below, you'll find many different types of blog posts with examples of each type.


List posts, also known as listicles, are popular posts in the form of lists. Put simply, list posts are lists of solutions or tips for a given search query. Listicles are prevalent post types of work well on all social media platforms.

Example: 15 Powerful Tips For Writing a Viral Listicle


The popularity of how-to posts, like listicles, is also due to their ability to solve problems in easy-to-digest formats. More important than what you say is how you say it. Readers of all skill levels should be able to follow how-to-style articles logically and efficiently. Including pictures and media in your how-to posts is critical.

Example: How to Write a Blog Post That Dominates In 7 Easy Steps

Tutorials & Guides

The purpose of tutorials and guides is similar to how-tos, but they cover a wide range of topics. There is more to them than just solving problems.

Example: Customizing WordPress Themes for Beginners – Complete Guide


The best reviews come from people who know what they're talking about. It would be best if you thoroughly understood the subject to review it effectively.  It will be evident to readers if someone is writing from references, so only do this when you are an authority on that subject.

Example: An Honest Cloudways Review From Your Average Joe


A roundup post is usually a collection of topics within a given subject. The group could include tips for achieving a goal, reviews, or interviews with the same opinion. Ask influencers in your industry for their opinions on a particular topic, or collect questions on a similar issue from Quora.

Example: 37 Experts Share Their Thoughts On The Future Of Affiliate Marketing


There is a great deal of interest in interview posts. Finding the right questions to ask a famous figure I the main challenge. It is essential that your questions be insightful and exciting, not just your usual ‘how did y u get started in…' types.

Example: Interview With Matt Cutts About Google, Spam & The Community


Infographic posts are excellent w ys to explain complex ideas or concepts in an accessible manner if you understand graphics well o know someone who does. The visual nature of infographics makes them appealing to many learners and is generally well appreciated by everyone else.

Example: Mesmerising WordPress Stats for 2022


Still unsure what to blog about? Try sharing your favorite recipe with your audience. When someone Googles a recipe, they often land on a blog with a recipe written by a blogger, you. Don't have a food blog? So what! If your recipe is fantastic, people are sure to love it. Food makes the world go 'round after all.

Example: Tuscan Turkey and Kale Soup


Are you a tinkerer? Explain how to troubleshoot a complicated piece of equipment or technology. Create a troubleshooting FAQ and chart. Combine this with how-to style articles and include lots of helpful media.

Example: How to Fix the White Screen of Death Error in WordPress


Create a contest for y ur audience to rally behind. Explain the rules and how to enter. Let them know what they could win and what cause you support. Nothing gets people talking like a fun contest or challenge.

Example: GeneratePress Theme Giveaway Worth $249 (Ended)


Good advice is hard to come by. Maybe you've recently found something out the hard way. Share it with your audience so they don't make the same mistake! I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Example: 20 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2022, According to HubSpot Bloggers


Try perusing current news in your niche to find interesting topics. Explore it in depth and give your opinion on the matter. People are always looking for expert ideas and thoughts.

Example: Introducing SEOPress for MainWP Extension


Have a funny story to tell? Share it with your audience in vivid detail and exciting language. Try playing with their emotions a little, or tug at their heartstrings. Conclude the article with some helpful advice.

Example: Why I Decided To Start Blogging Again

Tools for Inspiration

If you're still unsure what to blog about, don't panic yet! I've got some juicy sources of inspiration to help you discover some exciting blog topic ideas.

If you're wondering what to blog about, Google's autocompleting feature is a great place to start.

Google suggests topics as it autocompletes your query with a longer phrase every time you search. This is great for searchers, but it's a goldmine for bloggers.

Begin by entering a seed phrase (e.g., “which hosting…”), and Google will present you with a list of queries users are actually searching in Google.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google autocomplete
what to blog about

While Google's autocomplete feature is a great start, it'll take you an eternity to find every query related to your seed topic. That's where this next tool comes into play.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a freemium tool to discover keywords and search phrases extracted directly from Google's autocompleting feature.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | keyword tool suggestions
what to blog about

This is a great way to gather some blog post ideas quickly. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay for the valuable statistics for each term, however, I don't suggest you do that.

Why? Because there are much more robust all-in-one SEO tools on the market for keyword analyses, such as Ahrefs, and Semrush.

Not only will these tools help you analyze your keywords, they have many additional features not found elsewhere, which brings me to the next tool, SerpStat.


SerpStat includes 30+ powerful tools to help you improve your organic traffic, increase conversions, and grow your business, along with the ability to extract Google searches that you can sort and filter.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | serpstat google suggestions
what to blog about

As before, you'll have to pay up to reveal many of SerpStat's premium features. If you're looking for a free tool, I recommend Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool you can use to find related keywords on your chosen topic. And unlike the previous tools, all of the stats aren't blurred out! Plus, the data comes directly from Google themselves.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google keyword planner suggestions ideas
what to blog about

While Google Keyword Planner is great for finding new terms to plan content around, this next tool will show you how each search phrase is trending over a specified period of time.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an interesting research tool to help you uncover trending topics based on your seed phrase.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google trends
what to blog about

After entering your search term, you'll be presented with a chart depicting its popularity. The timeline and geographic location can be filtered to your desire.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google search console trending
what to blog about

If you scroll down, you'll find related topics and queries based on your currently selected search term that is trending. Click on them to analyze further.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google trends topics queries rising
what to blog about

Note that some search terms like “egg nog recipes” are seasonal search terms. This is important to know because writing an article on egg nog recipes in July probably won't generate much traffic.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | google search console trending seasonal
Using Google Trends, you can plan content much more effectively by writing articles based on searches that receive a lot of attention and coverage.


If social media is the name of your game, you'll find BuzzSumo to be of particular interest. With BuzzSumo, you can locate social media content that performs well in your niche.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | buzzsumo content analyzer
what to blog about

You can use BuzzSumo to flesh out an already existing idea or analyze the content that is doing well (and which blogs are doing it the best) in your niche.

One of my favorite features is the ability to discover relevant content questions based on your chosen search query. These are questions that are asked by users from various social platforms.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | buzzsumo questions ideas
what to blog about

One strategy is to answer these questions by creating in-depth content on your blog and then providing the link to your article to answer them on the social platform.


If you're looking for more content ideas, Quora provides near-limitless possibilities. Quora is one of the largest platforms in the world for questions and answers.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | quora questions ideas
what to blog about


Enter a broad keyword into QuestionDB to find relevant questions for untapped content ideas. You get 50 matches for each term completely free.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | questiondb topic ideas
what to blog about


Use SpyFu to find what's working well for your competitors. To begin, type in your competitor's website URL to see which keywords they currently rank for.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | spyfu review sort seo clicks
what to blog about

Click on the page you would like to analyze to see which keywords that page is currently ranking for in the search engines.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | spyfu content ideas
what to blog about

Using the skyscraper technique, your goal is to create content that is better than theirs to rank your article higher in the SERPs for those exact keywords. Use Frase to extract powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) terms from Google to help you rank.

Frase AI

Frase is an all-in-one content creation and optimization tool with a handy blog title generator. Use it to generate unlimited headlines to help you brainstorm content ideas for your next article.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | frase topic idea generator
what to blog about


Enter a broad term into AnswerThePublic to get hundreds of search queries and phrases from Google searches. A goldmine of content ideas!

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | answer the public ideas
what to blog about


Based on your preferences, Feedly's AI engine, Leo, surfaces critical insights from all over the web, including news sites, blogs, Twitter, and even email newsletters. Perfect for curating fresh news content for your blog.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | feedly blogging resource
what to blog about


Using OnThisDay, you can enter upcoming days to see famous events that happened on that day in history. One idea is to create content that people might search for around specific days.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | on this day tool
what to blog about

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero will replace Google Analytics' (not provided) with the actual keyword that someone used to find your website. Connecting it to your Google Analytics only takes a second!

Doing so will give you an idea of which terms work best for your blog. You can then create or improve content around those critical terms.

What to Blog About: Your Ultimate Source for Content Ideas | keyword hero blogging resources
what to blog about

Other Tools

131 Bonus Blog Post Ideas

If the above strategies and tools aren't enough for you, turn on the lightbulb with this list of 131 bonus ideas!

  1. Share how you increased your followers on social media.
  2. Write about a specific process – step by step.
  3. What is the one book you think every writer should read?
  4. Share a list of your favorite apps and tools and how you use them.
  5. Are you self-employed or working for yourself? What’s the difference?
  6. Talk about an inspirational movie that you've recently seen.
  7. How do you stay organized?
  8. What is the biggest misconception about being a blogger?
  9. Who are some authors who inspire you?
  10. Describe the latest creative project you've worked on with your audience.
  11. If you were going to star in a movie based on your life, which actor would play you?
  12. Share your favorite jokes.
  13. Write about a typical day in your life.
  14. Cleaver strategies for building your email list in 2022.
  15. Write about your recent travel. How did it go?
  16. write about your fitness routine and why you like it.
  17. What's one thing you want to accomplish by the end of 2018?
  18. Explore a conspiracy theory behind a particularly interesting event.
  19. What are some of your quick writing tips?
  20. Share your blog's traffic and earning numbers.
  21. What are some ways you can improve your content?
  22. What is the funniest story you’ve ever told or heard in your life?
  23. Do you have any good habits in your life at the moment? How did they manifest?
  24. What are some mistakes you made early on?
  25. Do you have any advice about starting a blog?
  26. What would you want your last words to be?
  27. Promote a cause that you're passionate about helping.
  28. Describe ways in which you can surprise your spouse, parents, or children.
  29. What's the worst job you've had working for yourself?
  30. Write about a favorite memory you shared with your family.
  31. What was your first experience with blogging?
  32. Write about your pet and the cute things it does.
  33. Write about a recent event in the news and its ramifications.
  34. Write about the best goal-setting planners.
  35. What's the scariest thing that ever happened to you? What happened?
  36. Write about your favorite hangout spot and why you like it.
  37. Who makes the biggest impact on your decision to become a blogger?
  38. Write about a meaningful experience and how it has altered your life.
  39. When did you start blogging? How long have you been at it?
  40. Share your bucket list.
  41. Update an existing article of yours with new information.
  42. What is your favorite quote? Why?
  43. Where/how did you learn how to blog?
  44. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said and why?
  45. Write about how you balance work and family life.
  46. What's your favorite hobby and why?
  47. List reasons why you should do something in particular.
  48. Write about a time you overcame adversity.
  49. What are some tips for making money from home?
  50. What's the hardest part of your day or work week?
  51. Is there a specific process you follow when you write and edit a blog post?
  52. Share your strategies for increasing blog traffic.
  53. What are some things you wish you had known earlier?
  54. What best advice would you give others starting out as a blogger?
  55. How do you create your content and images? What tools and software do you use?
  56. Organize and write about a viral giveaway to grow your blog traffic.
  57. Share a celebrity success story that inspires you.
  58. What's trending in your niche? What are your thoughts?
  59. What are some jobs that you didn't apply for but might now? Why not?
  60. Who has influenced you? (e.g., authors, artists, musicians)
  61. List the top influential people in your niche and why they inspire you.
  62. Share a list of different resources to learn about a particular topic.
  63. Write about a particular mystery you find interesting.
  64. What's your favorite way to stay motivated?
  65. Write a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) post.
  66. What are some resources you'd recommend?
  67. Share a fond memory you had from your past.
  68. Do you possess any unique skills? Write about how you discovered them!
  69. List some key points to consider before planning a vacation.
  70. Write about a technical problem you resolved.
  71. Create infographics and media with stats from older posts.
  72. Write about traditions or plans you have for your favorite holiday.
  73. Compare reality versus life in a movie.
  74. Write about the weirdest thing you've seen.
  75. Compile expert tips from famous people in your industry.
  76. What is your dream job, and why?
  77. Explain something you're really proud of to your audience.
  78. Write a case study on mysterious places near you.
  79. Have a YouTube channel? Turn a popular video into an article.
  80. Have you ever had writer's block? How did you handle it?
  81. Explore interesting facts or traditions from a different culture.
  82. Try writing about your personality type or astrological sign.
  83. Share a little-known fact about yourself with your audience.
  84. Which celebrity do you admire most? Who?
  85. Try writing about the blogging mistakes you've made.
  86. Round up a list of underrepresented people in your niche.
  87. What's the most embarrassing moment in your life? How did you feel?
  88. What is the strangest question someone asked you?
  89. Let us know which inspirational quotes are your favorites.
  90. Share your favorite coffee shops or areas around your town to read a good book.
  91. What is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned?
  92. What are your strategies for establishing relationships within your niche?
  93. What's the craziest thing you've done for fun?
  94. Write about why you decided to start a blog.
  95. How does your blog differentiate from others in your niche?
  96. What's one mistake you made early on?
  97. Write about a special occasion in your life.
  98. Share mistakes or myths from your favorite movies.
  99. Compare two different products, or services and choose a winner.
  100. What are some of your favorite books?
  101. Turn a single post into a large series of articles.
  102. Describe rare or unknown diseases and their symptoms.
  103. What are some of the most important lessons you've learned?
  104. Tell us about your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.
  105. Do you prefer emailing or chatting online? Why?
  106. How did you get started with blogging?
  107. Review a product, service, or book in your niche.
  108. Share DIY projects, ideas, or life hacks you've used.
  109. Republish one of your Twitter threads in article form.
  110. Counter popular myths with facts.
  111. Write about haunted places in the world or scary areas in your neighborhood.
  112. Describe how do you meet deadlines and beat procrastination?
  113. What are some common mistakes you see other bloggers make?
  114. Tell us what activities or things put you in a good mood.
  115. Talk about how you decorated your home.
  116. What would you say if you were able to meet a famous person?
  117. Write about a challenge you did. What were the results?
  118. Ever tried drafting a post while traveling? How did it work out for you?
  119. Write about the benefits and perks of blogging.
  120. Switch hosting providers? Why, and how did it go?
  121. Share a lesson you've learned and how it changed your life.
  122. Curate tweets related to a particular topic and write about it.
  123. Describe your work environment and why it works well for you.
  124. What's one tip you'd give new bloggers?
  125. Who inspires you as a blogger?
  126. Write about an event where you met someone special.
  127. What kind of blog posts would you like to see more of?
  128. What are your hobbies? How did you get started in them?
  129. Have a regret? Write about what you would have done differently.
  130. Talk about a milestone in your life that you championed.
  131. Write about a skill you recently learned, and how you learned it.


Well, there you have it; the ultimate source of content ideas and inspiration. Hopefully, I was able to help you come up with some good blogging material. If you haven't started blogging yet, I wouldn't postpone it any longer. You'll be that much more ahead.

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